Locking in Your Love, Week 4

INTRODUCTION: In the next week you will continue to have the opportunity to invest in your marriage in a powerful and practical way that will lead to a Locking in Your Love Ceremony on May 18, 2012.

  • Read and review together the final 5 statements of marital commitment below.

Statements 21-25 of Marital Commitment:

We will commit to ourselves to the following statements in our marriage. We will…

21. give our heart and trust to each other

22. take care of ourselves for each other

23. care for each other as modeled for us by the Lord

24. not use the threat of divorce against each other

25. obey the Lord individually and follow His will in our lives

  • Take turns evaluating your marriage based on the marital commitment statements above by considering which statements you would identify as strengths for you as a couple and which statements are potential growth areas.
  • Brainstorm creative ways to strengthen the growth areas you have identified as a couple.
  • Journal your thoughts

ASSIGNMENT: Your goal this week is to get ready for Friday night. Strive to avoid marital conflict. Stay away from hot topics that push each other’s buttons. Sleep right, eat right, and take care of yourselves so that you will be 100% during this special time. Spend extra time in devotions and prayer this week and be ready for God to speak to you. God cares deeply about your marriage. Also, take a moment to review all the previous statements of marital commitment that you have already covered. Finally, plan to show up early on Friday. Start time is 5:30pm.

VISUALIZING THE CEREMONY: This Friday night will include an opportunity after the ceremony is completed to go with a large group of church family to the Rodeo Drive-in theater to celebrate. We would love for everyone to go. This will be a great night for the whole family. Pack your vehicles and get your kids ready. You will be able to change at the church before heading to the Drive-in Theater if you would like.

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