The Marriage Appointment

One Hour, One Day A Week for Your Marriage

What: This appointment is designed to be a positive, affirming, and meaningful time of sharing. We have found that healthy marriages pray together and need regular attention.

When: One hour, one day a week for your marriage. The hour of day should be at time when you are not too tired or busy to have a meaningful conversation.

Where: You can do this at home or you can do this at a café or restaurant. Wherever you
decide to go it needs to be a place where you can talk without interruption and where you feel safe and comfortable.


Step 1. Sit together in such a way that you are able to look at each other, not too far away that you can’t hear each other and not so close that you feel awkward. Be aware of each other’s personal space boundaries.
Step 2. Discuss some questions, one topic at a time. Below are questions to help get you started but they are not the only questions you can ask of each other. It is important that you stay on topic; help each other to not deviate from the topic. Some examples may be “How do you feel about your life at this time?” or “What’s one thing you can do to improve our marriage?”  You can also discuss the Topic of the Week.
Step 3. Pray together, close with a time of prayer about some of the things you discussed.